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Who ya gonna call?  Thanks to Rich Meyer for letting me know about a group of ghost hunters from Grand Haven Michigan.  They don't just hunt ghosts, they are open to investigating all paranormal.  What causes people to do this?  For many I think it's an experience in early life that opens our mind to many different possibilities.  So this week I talk to Bill Jones and his crew about why they do what they do, and I like that each of them shared their own experiences.  Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever had what you thought was an experience?  Feel free to post it below.  Bill and his crew never charge anything to do an investigation, which tells me they're doing this for the right reasons.  In my opinion, I think we've all had contact.  Whether from spirits (loved ones who've crossed over), angels, guides, and ghosts who are still hanging around certain objects or buildings.  Sometimes they wander around and wind up at your house.  Many times it could just be residual energy caused by the current or previous home owners.  Sometimes people, especially children, are creating poltergiests from their emotions.  There are many answers, and I give this group credit for trying to come up with a rational answer first before jumping to conclusions.  It's like that tv show, everytime they hear a noise, "I think it's a squatch."  Many times it's nothing, but at the same time from my own experiences, there are many instances where it is something and I believe the more you open up to it, and get past your fear, the more experiences you will have. 


Also, mark your calenders for June 29th and 30th for a paranormal conference in Grand Haven Michigan.  You can make reservations and find out more by going to:  www.graspp.org  They have a great line up including Michigan's Mufon director  Bill Konkoleski, Rich Meyer with UPBRSO, and many others.  Bill even said he could hook you up with a stay at a known haunted hotel if they still have rooms available. 

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