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roslyngoddess.jpgI have noticed that many of the events I attend regarding metaphysical are mostly women, now why is that?  So what is metaphysical?  I define it as what exists outside of our physical realm which is  now starting to become part of this world.  I also see it as a series of ancient natural practices which can help me find answers, for I believe this has been around for a long time.  It seems that we are entering a time when more Goddess/Feminine energy is emerging on the planet.  For years this planet has been ruled by masculine energies, what have we gotten?  Many would blame men for wars and famine and whatever else is wrong with the planet.  What I've observed is the unbalanced male ego, I used to let it rule me.  It doesn't like to admit it is wrong, it doesn't want to back down, it thinks it has all of the answers, it doesn't want to show emotions, it can lead towards aggression.  Now when balanced the name Solomon comes to mind.  Does that sound true in any way?  I just think we are out of balance, it just seems so obvious in our society, men acting more like women and women more like men.  I just think those people are just trying to teach us balance.  We need both energies, we are both energies.  I believe we have been out of balance for a very long time, but what it there once was a time when the Goddess Energies were dominant on this planet?  There would have been a time when my male ego would have not accepted that idea.  Now, it seems pretty obvious that we need to return and embrace these energies, even us manly men, ugh!  Actually I'm a pretty sensitive guy and in touch with both energies, yet for years I pushed away the the Goddess Energies.  Why?  Because other guys would have thought I was soft, or a wimp or whatever.  Now, I don't care and I know that I am not soft.  I merely can feel, but that does not make me weak for I have probably been in both types of bodies.  Some of you may find that last statement a bit nutty.  I believe when we are outside of are body we are both energies.

Someone once told me that there was a time when women were the rulers of this planet, and they ruled with fairness and compassion.  A plot was put in motion to remove them from their power and to degrade them.  Why?  Control, it's always about control.  Control is not of the light, and I'll just leave it at that.  This week Roslyn McGrath channels the Goddess Energies.  So, again, I don't even know what to expect, but you know what?  I was pleasantly surprised.  You will hear from Aphrodite and Isis.  Isis was some kind of powerfull Egyptian Goddess, am I to worship her?  No, that will  never happen, but like usual when dealing with Roslyn it always about a higher more unconditional love.  That's the recurring message that I keep hearing over and over, my male ego can't argue with that.  Thanks to Roslyn for approaching a subject that some will see as a bit out there. 


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