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I really enjoy listening to audio from James Tyberonn when he channels archangel Metatron.  Each month I'll get a couple emails regarding new material Metatron talks about.  The most recent was a post about global warming and like I've heard from him, as well as others, it may not quite be what we think.  I think almost anything we get from media is probably altered in one way or another whether it's on the left or on the right. 


For years I've heard, "Everything happens for a reason."  And another one is, "Nothing is by accident."  Metatron suggests that each of us is here for our own reason, our own journey.  Some of us come here for a short time, others for longer lives.  Some come here to make great changes, some just want to coast this time around.  Even what appears to be tragedy is part of a bigger plan, you often see how everyone comes together when things like this happen and those that lost their life may have chosen this so that they could bring others together.  And why?  To bring more love to a place that needs it.


Are we responsible for global warming or the increase of natural disasters?  Yes, but according to Metatron we cause more damage with our negative energy than anything we do.  The Earth has to take in all of that energy and then release it, just like we do with our bodies when we get a build up of toxins.  And if you know how your body works, you realize thoughts are probably as toxic as anything.  Metatron opened my eyes a bit when he said that "Global warming must take place, it is the Earth evolving, and it will happen, it is not a bad thing.  There will be more natural disasters but we can change that by becoming more loving and help the planet as it evolves."  I'm paraphrasing, you can check it out for yourself at the link below.




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