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orb4.jpgMore than 20 years ago I ran a mobile dj service, one of my first employees was Doug.  Over the years Doug and I worked together in radio.  Doug has been telling me about the building he lives in along with his room mate Alex.  Doug isn't necessarily convinced that the building is haunted, however Alex seems to have a different opinion.  To the left is a picture of a pretty good sized orb that Alex's girlfriend shot.  Alex showed me many pictures of orbs, some would argue it's dust.  Well, in two of the shots, the orb moved from one rafter to another.  It almost looks like there are a couple of orbs in this picture, I know that doesn't prove anything. 

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever had a strange experience?  Have you ever had an object dissappear only to have it reappear?  Have you ever seen an apparition?  Have you ever heard loud pounding noises or heard a rap at the door and no one was there?  Most of us want to see an apparition, most will probably not see that.  However, most of us will miss some of the signs:  Light bulbs blowing, electronic devices failing, cold spots, pounding, dream visitations, your kids talking about invisible friends, animals acting strange. 

From what Doug told me I was under the impression that Alex may have a negative spirit harassing him.  My main objective was to make sure that wasn't the case and then it would be up to Alex to decide what to do with his visitors.  First, I contacted Dan Dunlop who has had a fair amount of experience in dealing with what some term negative energies.  Then we set up a time to meet with Alex and do a walk through.  The building we went to has 3 floors and a basement.  Doug and Alex live on the main floor, the top 2 floors need renovation.  When we arrived at the residence Doug was out of town but Alex was kind enough to let us in and show us around.  Alex showed us the many orb3.jpgpictures of the orbs.  Some didn't come out as clean when I transferred them from his Facebook site.  I did a brief interview with Alex and Dan using my handy dandy "cheap" cassette (hi-tech?) recorder.  Actually the sound is pretty good on that archaic piece of recording equipment.  Then off we went to the basement.  Dan is pretty good at sensing spirits, so he would walk a bit and try to feel if there were any spirits present.  Initially Dan has said he felt at least 3 sprits before we even walked into the building.  When we made our way toward the front of the building we started asking questions.  Perhaps I could pick up an e.v.p. on my cheap cassette recorder, would that blow away all of those high tech ghost hunting shows?  I can't say that I watch those shows too much, they just don't appear to be real, how can they have spirit activity everywhere they go?  It usually doesn't work that way.  However, when we were in the basement all 3 of us heard someone walking above our heads.  There was no one else in the building.   I think it picked up a little bit on my recorder, you can listen to that part in the show.  Eventually we made our way to the third floor and then back to Alex's living room.  Dan felt there were no dark energies in the building, however he sensed 2 of the spirits were ready to cross over.  After a short meditation he helped them cross, Alex said he felt their energy leave.  In a way he was sad because he had connected with them, and yet he was happy for them to find their way.  Dan said he felt there were 3 more energies in the building and asked Alex if he wanted them out.  These beings would not cross over, they would just be sent packing to some other location.  Alex didn't want them to go, I can only guess that he has a connection with them.  Alex has been alone in this building for quite a while recovering from an ongoing illness, so I can see why he might want to have some company.  Furthermore, the way I look at it, all beings have a right to be and if they're not bothering me I'd probably let them be as well. 

Next week I talk to a local farmer who had 2 crop circles in his corn last October.  The weird part, he lives less than a mile from my house!

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