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Image8.gifShort show this week.  I ran out of time for this month so I am moving Frank Freshino's show to next week.  Frank will be on show talking about the 59th anniversary of the Flatwoods monster.  When you think about how well known that incident was at one time, and how it's been covered up over the years so that almost no one has even heard of it, it makes you wonder what else has drifted away into the past.  That is what seems to happen, all of the witnesses eventually die off, but in this case Frank spoke to them while they were still alive.  You will not find a more thorough investigation based on civilian and military eye witnesses.  2 weeks from now Thom Angels, a remarkable person who died for 6 minutes on the operating table and went to the other side.  Upon his return to his body he was given psychic awareness and the ability to heal. 

So this week I talk real briefly about the visitor I believe I have in the house.  It has come to my attention in the last 2 weeks, some real obvious signs.  What can it be?  How can I confirm it?  Thanks to my buddy Dan Dunlop I got some insight as to what it might be.  Creepy?  I don't think so.  Am I concerned?  No.  I think whatever it is, it is trying to help me, or tell me something.

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