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georgie.jpgI've known Georgie Holbrook for a number of years now, dating back to when she helped me with a sick friend who was dying from cancer.   I knew that she had her battle with Rosacea and conquered it.  She has been a healer and we've worked together on a few projects over the years.

The other day I got an email from Georgie and she told me she went to see John Of God in Brazil.  About a year ago I did a show with a woman who wrote a book called "Dog of God."  The book was part fiction and part fact, the truth was that this woman who had both of legs severely injured and was told she would never walk again without crutches  . . . would up walking again, she left her crutches behind!  Georgie witnessed similar healings and much more, her real goal in going there was just to learn to become a better healer herself.

Now, how does this all work?  Is this guy for real?  I believe we can be healed using energy, why not, aren't we just energy to begin with?  Of course I've also said we have to heal ourselves, haven't I?  I guess I look to how Jesus did it, or how the Masters Of The Far East performed healings, you raise someone up to your level of consciousness/vibration and they in turn see what's wrong and correct it.  I always believe that the choice is ours, no one can heal us if we don't wish to be healed, but someone who's enlightened can lift us to their level and we then can perceive, even if not consciously, how to respond.  People heal themselves all the time we just don't hear about it.  I once had a guy on my show told me after the interview that he traveled the world and once witnessed a shaman heal someone's broken leg without touching them.  The big question is, do you believe?  Are you open?  Faith and belief can move mountains and create so called miracles.

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