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About Book:             Auto-Immune,Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing

                                     How ‘Smart Emotions’ Precisely Target Life’sIssues & Why


Identify precisely blockedemotions that cause health challenges. Discover how auto-immune disorders,acne, and rosacea are painful ‘smart emotions’ crying for help and love. Learnhow despite appearances, natural healing can happen. Let this book guide you tohealthier relationships/lifestyles, your own spiritual truths, awakening toyour life’s purpose and hands-on-remedies. Learn from clients’ healing stories,how to reclaim your childhood and love your true-self.


As a society, we have beentaught to deny our hidden hurts, losses, traumatic events, high pressuredstressors, and abuse that we do to ourselves or receive from others. We havechoked off our life-force energy, served others until exhausted, joy-less onempty. We can now stop the trial and error anxiety and expensive search forfinding physical problems’ answers by replacing fear with faith and trustingour bodies to emotionally heal (on their own).


Our bodies don’t lie! Thisbook can show you how to begin to treat your emotions as a friend to guide youinto a new way of compassionately validating all the ways your sensory bodygives you accurate intuitive signals that once understood, corrective actiontaken, wellness happens. Download FREEchapters of all 3 books off web site.


About Author:                    WebSite  Joy-Full.com

            Georgie Anna Holbrook is an internationally recognizedgifted empathic healer. She intuitively interprets for others how theirdisguised emotions show up in mild to extreme health challenges. Many times,she has witnessed these same conditions reverse. Her passions in life are beinga spiritual director, prayer mentor, and author.

            Georgie went from having a tragic deforming incurabledisease and near blindness to experiencing in the seventh year the naturalsteps to totally self-heal. Having been given a second chance, she dedicatedher life to sharing the gift of her healing discoveries with others, in hopesof helping them see the serious consequences of self-neglect, that humanself-devaluation must stop, and the enormous possibilities and passion thatcome when living true to self.

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