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HOLLOWEARTHIMAGE6.jpgShort show this week, maybe 13 minutes.  I have been on the run a bit and next week I will be off for 3 days.  (yes, again!)  I had an unusual thing happen at the house the other day, got me wondering whether it was a coincidence or not.   Also, I met a woman who does shamanistic readings, never had that on the show before so that should be fun, maybe I'll  have her on next week or the following week.  I got an email from Rodney Cluff about a journey that is going to take place in 2013 to the center of the Earth.  Sound crazy?  Well, I'm open and I hope to have an interview with a doctor who is planning the trip with some 30 others.  Are they all crazy?  Many appear to be well educated and one has to wonder why so many think this is a possibility. 

Does anybody know what happened in Alpena Michigan a few weeks ago?  There was an explosion and there have been all kinds of rumors, please contact me if you have something to share.


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