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ForgottenTalesFrtCover.jpg There was a time when newspapers reported everything that went on, I mean everything.  Some of these stories were quite simple, like a gathering for a picnic.  Some were more complex, some were downright bizare!  What was cool was that nothing was left out, imagine if we did that today.  I know, most of you wouldn't want to read about it.  But, what about all of the unusual events that go unpublished, mainly because today we are leary of speaking our truth.  Also, the publishing business has changed (like other forms of media) to promote more negative or attention getting stories.  It also (in my opinion) seems that newspapters and all media refuse to report on something that doesn't fit into the norm.  What changed in our country?   When did it change? 

Lisa Shiel has been on my show several times and you can go back and listen to some of the shows we did, usually they were about ufo's and a bigfoot connection.  Huh?  Yeah, a little strange, but Lisa dug up some reports from eyewitnesses and took a scientific look at the possibility of these things existing.  In this book she totally went back and looked at newspapers from the late 1800's into the early part of the 20th century.   Events that happened roughly a century ago.  This book is a collection of very short stories.  One, this is a good example of how life was back then.  Two, you will find some unusual accounts that may support some of what would be considered paranormal, or unknown. 

nessie.jpgIn one of my earlier shows I joked about seeing this when I was kayaking down the Autrain river, which connects to Autrain Lake and Lake Superior.  Maybe I didn't realize how close I was to the truth!  What?  In Lisa's book there are tales of these kinds of sea creatures being seen in the great lakes, and even one in Autrain Lake.  Really?  Not just one report, but several.  Gulp!  But where are they now?  I don't know, but it does seem possible.  Also there is a really strange story about shapeshifting.  Shapeshifting?  It was believed by some back then that people could shapeshift into an animal and many times it wasn't used for the greater good.  I remember reading out of book years ago about a man riding home one night back in the 1700's, or 1800's, and encountering a cat that attacked him.  It scratched him and his horse quite severly before he was able to beat it off with his riding whip.  He had to beat the animal pretty intensely in order to get it to leave him alone.  The story went that they found an old woman half beaten the next day and believed her to be a shapeshifter that had transformed into the cat.  Strange?  Yes.  A similar story is told in Lisa's book.  Some of the stories involve ghost reports, some involve what was termed wildmen of the woods.  These were manlike beings that were spotted by the locals and some turned out to be unexplainable.  Others were just sighting of guys that flipped their lid and ran off into the woods.  Also we talk about earthquakes, yes there have been some earthquakes in the U.P. believe it or not.  Lisa left nothing out, to me it's very interesting to hear these tales.  This week I welcome Lisa Shiel from Jacobsville Michigan. 


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