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mactable.jpgImagine if much of what you were taught in school was not accurate?  Would that rock your world?  What if man was a lot older than what we were told?  What if man traveled the earth long before Columbus?  Where is the evidence to support that? 

At left is Michael Cremo, author of Forbidden Archaeology and many other books.  Michael is going to be a guest at the International Conference On Ancient America which is going to be held at the Holiday Inn in Marqette Michigan September 16th through 18th.  Some of Michael's teachings have been based on findings during the California gold rush in 1866 where at some of the mines they found old fossils, skulls and artifacts that date back millions and millions of years.  These artifacts disappeared over the years, which always seems the case.  It's almost as if there is cover up going on, or as Michael suggests; there are egos involved and they don't want their veiwpoint skewered.  To me, however, that is a nice way of saying somone wants to keep the truth from us.  Why?  That's the question.  Why would someone or a group of people want to keep us in the dark?  What would they have to gain?  Pehaps... control.  How many people do you know that just tow the party line?  How many just do as they are told, believe in what is presented without thinking for themselves?  That used to be me.

Michael has been on my show before but this time he not only shares some of the ancient findings but also some of his own personal experiences and beliefs.  When he was a young man Michael had an out of body experience while on a sking trip.  On his way up a steep hill he slipped and started sliding down the mountain.  The next thing he knew, he was watching himself from above.  Actually it's a miracle he survived.  Perhaps he had a guardian angel experience as well?  What suprised me was Michael's willingness to share his belief on the afterlife and his thoughts on what some call Earth changes.  When Michael appears at the International Conference On Ancient America he will be one of many who will bring their theories as to what they have learned that doesn't fit in with mainstream science and archaeology.  How can all of this be ignored?  From what I know there have been ancient Celtic prayer stones that date back thousands of years found in a river some 50 miles from here.  There have been bronze tips that date back thousands of years from Europe found in North America and here in Upper Michigan.  Some is speculation, some to me is pretty hard evidence that makes you wonder why it is being ignored.  What's great about Michael Cremo is that his message is much deeper than just science and fossils.


Micheal has written many books, he has been on this mission to find answers since 1984.  He has appeared on the History channel's Ancient Aliens and on the radio show Coast To Coast. 


Michael's website:  www.mcremo.com

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