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A couple months ago I was contacted by 2 women who wanted to come on my show and talk about Flower Essences and Liquid Smudge.   They asked me if I'd like to try both products and talk about the results.  First I had a consultation that asked me a series of questions, basically it allowed me to define what I wanted to achieve.  Then after it was formulated it was sent to me along with the Liquid Smudge.   I thought it might be fun to try the smudge out at the radio station and a few people agreed and I almost immediately saw a shift in my co-workers attitudes, all became more positive.  I really feel that the Flower Essences have made a difference as well.


Many people know and love flowers, but miss one of their most important gifts: their essence.  Nancy Boyd (founder of Bright Wings, Inc.) says that flower essences are "consciousness in a bottle" and, with one of her apprentices, Kristen Tedeschi, shares how they work, how they can help people get through tough times like these in better shape, and how connecting with the natural world is the way we thrive.

Find out more about all their products and services for people who are up to something good, on the website: http://www.brightwings.com.  Nancy is making a special offer just for listeners of Out There, for some of the products they mention during the show. (You will be asked for your name and email address so they know where to send it; they promise to respect your privacy.) Check it out here:



 For more about Liquid Smudge go to: www.liquidsmudge.com 



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