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DSCI0188.jpgThis week we finish up on our convesation about the Flatwoods Monster with Frank Feschino Jr.  Frank is pictured at left with the crew of Monster Quest, he spent 6 hours alone just sitting and talking.   When I first heard this story I thought it had to be made up.  So, I understand if you have doubts.  Don't most of us at first?  Are we trained to react that way?  But when you listen to Frank talk, and he knows every fact in the sighting, and then pieces all of the other eye witness testimony together, you may come to the same conclusion as I did:  THIS IS FOR REAL!  Has Frank gotten rich off of this?  No.  Did he do it for fame?  I don't think so, he's taken a lot of heat for sticking to his guns.  So why would someone do this?  Good question.  Why do any of us have a passion for what we currently do?  Frank has done what very few will ever have the chance to do, talk to the eye witnesses first hand before they passed.  Looked at evidence from all over the country.  Then a tv show comes along and films 60 hours or so and edits, they make it look totally different.  Makes you wonder how much the media changes on us every day?  Or leaves out.  Those of us in the media (I have been for 30 years) know how it works.  We know stories are edited to make them more interesting.  The media is trying to sell you something.  They want you to watch or listen to their programs.  It's about making money.  Once you agree to give the rights of a story to certain media, they can do whatever they wish without recourse.  And some of it could be a cover up.  Why?  I believe the military has done this for a long time, they have spun a tale of disinformation.  Most of it is so that we don't panic from what may really be going on out there.  I don't know if that's the case this time, but it sure is interesting how Monster Quest totally dropped the ball on this.  It doesn't really matter for them, they're off the air.  Who it does matter to is Frank Feschino, it makes him look like he's changed his story.  He hasn't.  I know this because he's been on my show before and we've spent hours on the phone and he's told me exactly the same thing.  You can go to his site and see for yourself.  www.flatwoodsmonster.com

Flatwoods20Monster20Front20Cover20B.jpgThere was an incident that occured in 1952 in Flatwoods West Virginia that shocked and changed the lives of several people.  Evidence supports that these craft were seen all over the country and the people in West Virginia weren't the only ones.  Eye witness testimony seems to suggest that these craft were damaged by someone or something.  They were making repairs before they eventually left.  Witnesses in Flatwoods only saw the above drawing. Witnesses in Frametown got a glimpse of what was underneath the helmut.  (below)


There are many ufo cases where you could think that maybe it was something else, that is not the case with the event that took place in Braxton County West Virginia some 60 years ago.

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