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braxtoncountymonsterrevised.jpg At least once a year I talk to Frank Feschino about the biggest ufo event to ever hit the United States.  Many of you have never heard of this event.  It has been covered up, many of the witnesses have passed away, and over time it would have been forgotten had one man been on a mission to bring the story forward.  Frank Feschino has been relentless for the last 22 years in turning up every stone to uncover the truth.  Frank is a thorough guy, all of what he talks about is documented by eyewitness testimony and government documents, including Project Bluebook. 

What happened?  In September of 1952 a group of boys were playing football near a school in the town of Flatwoods West Virginia when they spotted what they thought was a meteorite that appeared to land in an area not far away.  A group, including 2 adults, went to investigate and were shocked at what they saw.  This was just the tip of the iceberg, for on that same evening there were thousands of reports that came in on numerous sightings, it was the biggest ufo wave we've ever seen.  Frank has been able to piece it all together, the flight path of the ufo's, the military's response, etc. 

To me the bigger question is:  Why were they here?  We delve into that possible answer and share a couple of other cool projects that Frank has been working on.  And the main reason for doing this week's show, to remember those who had the courage to speak the truth when their government and media didn't support them. 



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