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Faye Hueston is back this week talking about her first book, Fanchon's Daughter.  I got the book a few weeks ago and couldn't put it down.  I loved it's historical content.  Fanchon was Faye's adoptive mother who became a very successful woman in her own right in the 1920s and 1930s.  Fanchon gave Faye a life she could only dream of.  Her adoptive father Bill was a successful man as well and while Faye often challenged her father, they loved each other.  At some point Faye became interested in contacting her biological father, thus her journey began with a well known psychic in England.


To me this book is three things, Fanchon's ability to succeed in a male driven world, she was a pioneer in her field.  Her story is amazing, the people she worked with in Hollywood, her undying love for her adopted daughter.  The second is the psychic connection that led Faye to her birth parents.  Faye was a non believer but after her experiences with the psychic realm her beliefs changed.  And the third part of this book is dealing with being adopted or adopting others.  The few that I've known that have been adopted have often felt they needed to know why they were given up, some felt empty inside.  I think Faye offers a unique perspective on this from all sides of the aisle.  I truly enjoyed talking again with Faye about her book.

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