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mothmanmain.jpgWhat?  This week a short show that is a follow up to last week's show.  What was that loud exploding sound that people heard in Alpena Michigan, and also in Grand Rapids Michigan, and last year along the eastern seaboard?  Is it UFO related?  Is it a secret military government project?  Or, could it be coming from the planet?  I have my own theory and it has to do with earth changes.  I did a show with David Twichell not that long ago and he actually played some audio of strange earth sounds that are being heard all over the planet.  What is it trying to tell us?  I don't know about where you're at but our weather has been a lot warmer than normal for about the last 10 years.  This year we've seen a lot less precipitation in both winter and summer.  We used to get a lot of snow, now we hardly get any in this area.  Is it part of a cycle?  Or is it part of an earth change from an evolving planet? 

Why do I have butterflies in the title?  Last night I think (I'm not 100% sure) I had a visitation from a spirit in the form of a butterfly.  I've never had a butterfly act this way before.  It made me think of a co-worker who's convinced her dead brother has come back to make contact in the form of a butterfly.  Sound crazy?  Well, everyone in her family has had very unusual contact with butterflies.  If you go back and listen to my show with psychic Jennifer you will hear my co-worker, Jean, reffering to that very incident. 

Next week back to doing a real show with Jack Allis. 

Bloy!  (Blessings, love, and joy!)

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