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Episode XXXVI Encouraging Inner Growth In Our Children With Pamela McQuade


This week I talk with Pamela McQuade about several things.  We talk about how children have abilities that adults no longer have, and how to encourage children to develope those skills.  For example:  Children have the ability to see ghosts when others can't.  The same with animals.  Why is that?  Some believe it has to do with programming.  We have been told our whole life that these things do not exist.  Is it simply because children are totally open, and that allows them to see things more clearly? 

Pamela also offers some other common sense tips for Parenting.  When we were kids we got spankings, parents don't do that so much anymore.  I think that is wise.  But what about teaching accountability?  Would you admit that we are going through some kind of change in the world?  Perhaps parenting is going through an evolutionary process as well.

Later we talk about a dark time in Pamela's life when she seriously thought about taking her own life.  Have you ever felt that way?  She claims an angel's voice guided her out of her darkness. 

Plus we get into other strange stuff that you would expect from this show including shamans, past lives and dead relatives.  Fun stuff huh?

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