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Episode XXXIV Judy Johnson speaks about her own near death experience and other things.


This week I bring back Judy Johnson to talk about her book, a near death experience, past life regression, and Abraham.

Judy wrote a back called Tapping Into Joy which focuses on a teaching that shows how we can use a technique of tapping at our energy points to help heal or overcome traumatic events.

Secondly Judy discusses a near death experience she vividly remembers from 1981.  I always find these stories interesting.  Is this some sort of proof about what takes place in the afterlife?

Also we talk about past life regression.  Some believe that some of our fears and traumas may be left over from a previous lifetime.  I first started to think this was possible years ago when I read a book called Life Between Life.

Finally we talk about Abraham.  Who, or what is Abraham?  According to Judy, Abraham is an entity (spirit) that communicates through a woman by the name of Edna and provides great wisdom.  This is what some would call channeling.  A channel is someone who has the ability to let someone, or something speak through them.   There was a time when I would have thought this stuff was just wierd.  Now after many years of exploration and attending several channeling sessions I realize it is not such a big deal.  Are some who do this fake?  Absolutely.  Are all?  Experience has taught me to believe that some are probably geniune. 

People always say "I think it's all connected."  How?  "I don't know?"  What if it's all connected by thought, and if that is the case wouldn't we all have the ability at times to pick up on a thought from someone (or something) else.  Has that ever happened to you?

To find out more about Judy's book go to:  www.tappingintojoy.com

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