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Episode XXVI Rebecca Hulem: Women’s natural health expert. Also a near death experience.


rebecca-standing.jpgThe reason I chose to talk to Rebecca is mostly due to my constant search for natural products or treatments that can help us all.  It's funny because this was just scheduled to be a radio interview, but when we started talking off the air I realized that this would be a great show for a podcast.  Rebecca seems to have discovered some natural ways to help deal with what can be a difficult time in the life of so many women.

This show is not just about menopause, it also has some involvement with the paranormal.  Rebecca shares some very personal experiences as well.  One of which is a near death experience.  I've always been fascinated with these type of stories.  Rebecca also shares the tragic loss of her mother and the healing contact she would later have when her mother came back to visit.

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