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Episode XXIX Can we heal ourselves?


index_21.gifFor quite some time I have been taking a few natural products that I truly believe in.  I have seen miracles happen with some of these products.  More recently I have received word of a friend passing even though she had been taking the same products.  It's really kind of sad, she had beaten cancer with the help of certain natural products after all other options had failed.  She was cancer free for over 5 years.  About a month ago she passed away, the cancer came back.  This friend had told me that it took more than just natural products or drugs to beat cancer, you had to heal inside as well.  What does that mean to someone who hasn't been through that before?

A few years ago I was introduced to a woman who has been on a journey of self healing.  She had no other options as well, she suffered from Rosacea.  Rosacea attacks the skin and in this case it was not only pain-full and disfiguring, it was affecting her vision.  When all other options had failed this incredible woman found an answer from within.  Let me introduce you to Georgie Holbrook.  Georgie's story is amazing!  Not only did she heal herself, but it has put her on a course to help others heal as well.  I think she would say "It was part of a greater plan."

I tend to trust people that have actually lived through an experience, that is what you will find in almost all of the interviews on this site.  It seems that a lot of those people are not listened to, because the experts know everything.  Do they?  How come there still aren't very many cures?  Georgie knows the answers to many things because she has experienced them within herself.  There are so many things to take away from this interview.  One: Be Joyfull!  As much as you can.  Two: Let go of the past, easy to say but not as easy to do.  Three: Listen to your body.   And much more. 

Do you believe that thoughts and emotions effect our health?  If they can ruin our health, would it be possible that they are needed in restoring our health as well?  For more on Georgie go to the link on this site.  Understand that this is what Georgie does for a living, many people do this.  This does not take away from what she and others are offering.  I used to be leary about those who were trying to gain from their teachings.  Why not?  They have to eat too.  I truly believe she is a genuine, gentle, loving spirit.  Have you listened to the first interview on this site?  Georgie was the one that suggested the glyconutrients for my friend Jay.  www.joy-full.com


Questions, comments, or even if you have a story to tell and want to be on the podcast you can email me at : tj2@up.net

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