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Episode XXIII Paranormal Researcher Jennifer Cupples Discusses Pyramids and Personal Experiences


Some people get locked into one area, perhaps that makes them experts on a certain subject.  My guest this week does not fit that mold.  She explores pretty much anything that seems unknown or paranormal.  Jen is a lot like me, I have a great desire to seek answers for all of the unknowns... yet I haven't taken the time (and probably won't) to focus on just one subject.  It seems to me that even open minded people get locked on one area involving the paranormal and lose sight (or interest) in other unexplained phenomena. 

 What is it about the Pyramids of Egypt, were they really built by the Egyptians.  Doesn't it seem like a more advanced race may have designed them?  Why are there so many pyramids all over the earth in just about every culture?  Was it just a common design or is there a greater hidden truth behind their unique structure?  Did you know there may be pyramids in Michigan, even in Upper Michigan? 

 Jen also discusses a white bigfoot she saw last winter, and unlike those fellows in Georgia, doesn't have any evidence other than her own eye witness account to support her story.  No hype, no seeking out the press, no money exchanging hands.  I called her, not the other way around.  So judge as you may on the phonies, some of us are just trying to relay the truth as we have experienced it...

 Jen belongs to group that shares and investigates the unknown.  I find there are many groups that exist.  What I do like about Jen is that she is very open and respectfull of others beleifs.  You can check out her website:  michiganwildernessparanormalclub.com   

 I would only recommend it to those of you with really open minds.

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