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Episode XXII Stories From A Ghosthunter and Mysterious Huge Orbs


Both of these interviews were taken off of the radio.  Both occured within the last couple years.  Sorry they are not fresh, but due to modern science they are loaded with preservatives so they are definitely not stale!  Maryanne Brown is a ghosthunter out of Marquette, Michigan and shares some of her experiences.  More and more people seem to be drawn to this, why is that?

 Also part 2 is an interview with Kerrie Schiel.  Kerrie talks about basketball sized orbs which she has seen in the woods.  I've only heard about these types of orbs more recently.  I'm not really impressed with the smaller ones because they could be anything...but these are different.  Hmm...what could they be?

 Added comment 8/19/08.  This is not part of the interview nor will it probably be in future podcasts.  "Bigfoot found in Georgia."  I never get too worked up when I hear about these things in the news.  They never pan out, and why is that?  Some would say "because they don't exist."  Others who've seen and witnessed these things know differently.  I just think there are those who don't want us to know.  If that statement is in any way true then the next question is, why?  Maybe we're not ready.  Maybe it would shake the scientific world and their delicate egos.  Maybe there are other answers?

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