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Episode XXI Ghosts in Manistique & Dateline Missed The Bigger Story


Recently a trial took place not far from here and my guest this week was on the jury.  We really don't discuss the case so much but instead look at some of the paranormal activities that many felt while sitting in the courtroom.  This case made national headlines and was also featured on a national newsmagazine program.  After talking with my guest I think the bigger story was probably missed.  Was the victims spirit there in the court room?  If so, why was it there? 

 Many of you have witnessed events and are afraid to speak of them.  We all have the fear of ridicule or rejection.  It takes some courage to step forward to speak your truth.  I give my guest credit this week for taking that step.  Why is it so important?  Perhaps the answer is two fold.  One, it may open the door for someone else to speak their truth.  (how many times in history has one person spoke up and others started to do the same)  Two, if there is a greater truth that exists out there, don't you think that someone wants us to know about it?  I believe my guest this week has the ability to sense and see things and I am gratefull that she is willing to share.

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