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Episode XVIII Ouija boards, ufos and ghosts


When I was a kid I used to be afraid of ouiga boards, we never owned one.  Mom talked about it, but never got the courage to get one.  We were afraid of the dark prospects associated with a ouiga board.  Besides...I don't think dad would have let us.  Mom was open...dad... not so much!  Funny how fear keeps you from advancing forward...

 Now fast forward several years later.  Somewhere around the turn of this decade.  I met a guy who I like to play golf with from time to time.  Not so much for the sport, because I suck pretty bad and he's pretty good, but for the friendship.  I like Dan because he strikes me as geniune and down to earth.  Somehow, (and I don't know quite how) we got on the subject of ouija boards and it turns out Dan's mom used to mess with them all of the time.  When he was younger he thought it was a normal thing.  Funny how what you grow up with determines (at least for a while) what you consider normal.   After some emailing back and forth Dan and his son Brandon decided to come on the show.  Thank you to both of them for sharing their stories.  Dan talks about ouiga boards, and ufos.  Brandon shares a fairly recent chilling ghost story.  Just two regular guys sharing their stories...not seeking attention in any way.

How do I feel about ouija boards now?  I just see them as a way to communicate with others who have passed.  Sometimes you get good ones...and if you're not sure of what you're doing...sometimes you get very negative beings.  Are they more powerfull than good ones?  How can they be?  Isn't good (highest unconditional love) stronger than anything?  Doesn't love conquer all?  If that is the case, what is there to fear? Now, would I recommend someone messing around with a ouija if they don't know what they doing?  No, I think like anything it would'nt hurt to gain some knowledge before using it. 

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