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Episode XVII Does prayer work?


My guest this week is a man by the name of Michael Maurino.  Michael works out of Florida for a company called Pitch.  Michael's job is to contact radio stations and try to promote his clients.  Go figure that we would eventually get around to discussing other topics besides his clients.  But that is what I do, people call me for something and I wind up asking them questions.  It probably drives them nuts.  Michael was willing to chat and because of his background in radio, perhaps it was a chance to reconnect with that.  (in this case a podcast)

In this interview, Michael describes some coincidences that some might say could be an answer to his prayers.  I've always wondered why some prayers are answered and some aren't.  Now why is that?  And why is it that we need to believe in order for the prayer to work?  What difference does it make?  Perhaps there is a formula to making them more effective...hmm...Could it be similar to that movie "The Secret?"

Just so you are not thrown for a suprise, I only did two segments with Michael, the last segment is me talking about reincarnation.

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