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davidtwitchellsbook.jpgWhen I first read Whitley Streiber's book Communion, it really frightened me.  I am not intending to do that with this interview, but some might find it a little unsettling, so proceed with caution.  I welcome back David Twichell out of Detroit Michigan.  The interview was supposed to be about the UFO conference which took place  a few weeks ago in Laughlin Nevada.  However... let's just say the interview turned in another direction when David revealed repressed memories involving his sister.  Under hypnosis (which many have used) David's sister was able to remember quite vividly what happened during what many call missing time.  How many have had experiences like this?  There are many.  Are some not being geniune?  Definitely.  Are all?  No.

If this does happen, is it something to be afraid of?  I don't think so.   David makes the comment that there are manevolent and benevolent species out there.  This group, from what many believe, is not out to harm us.  They could easily do so if they wanted.  Many who have been abducted have later seen the event as a blessing.


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