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header.jpgI feel this is an informative show, we cover 3 main topics.  Debby Bergeon discusses using the proper language for making changes!  Is it possible to change the world around us with our thoughts and feelings?  If so, then wouldn't it make sense to know how to ask and what to ask for?

Part two is about someone I have never given a whole lot of thought to.  My grandfather on my mothers side.  He died the year I was born, I never knew him.  Debby says he is around me a lot.  Hmm... Debby gives me his initials, and some other details about him.  Was she right?  Yes!  Strange?  Yes, but also very interesting to possibly think that someone I never met is looking out for me.  I have had at least 3 incidents in my life where I should have been involved in a somewhat serious accident, I feel something was watching out for me.

Finally we discuss some of the Archangels, Micheal, Rapheal, Jophiel, etc.  Debby explains how to talk to them and what each Angel's specialty is.  Some can help in healing, some can help you find lost items.  Some can give you protection.  I find it interesting.

See the link on my site to connect to Debby Bergeon's site.

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