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TenDegreesofReckoningcovernew.jpg  Author Hester Rumberg joins me this week.  Her book is a true life story about her good friend Judith Sleavin.  When you hear the story I  believe you will be amazed and inspired.  Certainly there are moments of great sadness which we all see in our lifetime, but there are moments of great joy as well.  I am really drawn to this story because of Judith's incredible will, something that exists in all of us but is so rarely seen.  There are many lessons in this book that I can learn from.  The importance of family, the greater love that goes beyond the flesh, loving others, living for the moment, and letting go.

Part of this interview is about paranormal/unknown events.  Hester recalls an incident where Judith was saved and there seems to be some kind of angel or spirit assistance.  Hester also recalls all of the invisible help she got when trying to put this book together.  It was almost as if someone or something was guiding her in the right direction.  Has that ever happened to you?  Think about it a while.  You may have met a loved one, or found a job, or something very simple like a set of lost keys. 

Hester's website: www.tendegreesofreckoning.com

(note: you may have to click on the link, for some reason when I put the web address in text, it doesn't seem to work)

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