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A couple of weeks ago a woman called me at the radio station with a lost cat and I told her we could make a couple of announcements on the radio.  She was really upset since the cat belonged to her daughter, and it turns out the daughter was returning home for the first time in a couple of years.  Imagine having to tell your son or daughter that.  "Oh I can't wait to see Hairball, how's he doing?"  "Uh...well...he's around...somewhere!"

I told this gal to call Debbie Bergeon, who you may recall was on in an earlier episode talking about working with angels.  Debbie told her what to do and sure enough the cat returned home and just in time for the daughters visit.   Coincidence?  Certainly could be, but on the other hand it is also believable that what Debbie told this woman was accurate.  Regardless of where you stand on this, it was at least nice to hear a happy ending!  In return, I gained someones trust.  That trust led to other family stories concerning angel involvement.  Thank you Debbie S. for opening up to me.

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