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Episode XI The ghost and the skeptic


This week I talk to Melissa Lafave, who I've known for quite some time.  Some people you just have a connection with, Melissa is one of those people.  Melissa shares her miracle story about her son Zander.  Imagine finding out that your son had a major heart problem and was going to need surgery at a very young age, what would you do?  Then you notice something unusual happening, what does it mean?  Zander's story plays out through the words of Melissa and I think you will find this story inspiring!

Also on the show is the site's creator and good friend Waye Braver.  While we are good friends, we're polar opposites when it comes to the paranormal.  Waye is a skeptic, he keeps me grounded, actually balanced is probably more accurate.  What I enjoy about talking to Waye is the fact that I can razz him a bit, and that he brings a totally different view than most of my guests.  Perhaps he represents the skeptic in some of you who listen to these podcasts.  Again, like all my guests, Waye is down to earth, genuine, and can laugh at himself.

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