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Episode VIII U.P. couple shares their unique experiences


When I was a kid I looked out my bedroom window one night and saw a craft on the horizon that I could not identify.  Years later my wife saw something dancing in the sky that no known craft could do.  Even my son saw something when he was a boy the seemed to split into two just over his head.  The list goes on.  Do all people experience something beyond our beliefs at somepoint in their life?  Is it just a certain few?  Do many more people see things and just try to ignore or dismiss the experience?  I don't know the answer for sure on those questions, but I do believe that all experiences are trying to teach or tell us something.  In this segment I talk to Mark and Jen, both of them strike me as humble and honest.  Their experiences are more involved than most.  Again, they did not seek me out... I sought them out.  They are not seeking financial gain or attention.  Judge for yourself. 

Mark and Jen have truly learned how to tap into some unknown abilities!

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