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image2.jpgNeuroplasticity- The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections throughout life.  This week my chiropractor from Escanaba Michigan joins me, his name is Dr. Reed Hubert.  Dr. Hubert is so exited by this discovery because it scientifically supports what many on my show have been saying for the last two years.  Can we re-program our brains?  Are we capable of achieving greater things by using our thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

It was quite by accident that I found Dr. Hubert, or was it?  On a clear winter day with good driving conditions, basically clear roads, I wound up finding a small patch of wind blown snow and spinning out.   A car cut in front of me and my only recourse was to cut into this snowy lane, which was only in that particular spot because of the wind that day.  It was a lane of snow that was probably no more than 50 feet long.  Anyway, I was not hurt, but my wife pulled something in her lower back.  What was neat about the event is that it was almost as if our car was lifted by an unseen force (hmm, what could that be?) and spun around a couple of times and instead of hitting a guard rail or going in a ditch, we landed perfectly on an exit ramp.  Plus it was fortunate there wasn't another vehicle sitting there at the time.  Do you see how that all had to work out so perfectly?  Thanks to my wife's sister we made an appointment to see Dr. Hubert and our relationship took off from there.  To add a bit more of a bizare twist to this, my sister in law's husband repairs vehicles, they had actually been praying for business, and we provided it.  It wasn't major damage and certainly could have been a lot worse.  I really felt I was blessed to survive the ordeal unscathed and to meet the good doctor.  I almost see it as divine destiny.

Also on this show, which will be continued into next week, we'll discuss how chiropractics works, vaccinations, body-mind-spirit and much more.  Please welcome my chiroprator, Dr. Reed Hubert.