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Dr. Julie Gatza is a chiropractor out of Florida who, like many, believes a lot of our health issues can be corrected with natural products.  Dr. Gatza talks with me this week about the myth of how we think we are what we eat.  Basically what she's saying is that even if we eat nutricious food we may not be getting the full effect which in turn could be leading to a number of health issues.  Dr Gatza claims that even after our teen years our bodies enzymes start breaking down and maybe not working as effectiviely as they could  Dr. Gatza promotes a natural enzyme healing product that aids our body in breaking down foods and medicines.


Part of the problem is that our foods are not as healthy as they once were, and if we think by eating healthy we can cure the problem, well it doesn't do any good if we're not absorbing the nutrition.  Makes sense, maybe that's what some are dealing with.


I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Gatza, below is a you tube interview of her describing Parkinsons Disease and other potential options.  Like my last interview, I am pleased to see that there are many who are standing up and being heard on natural health options.





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