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I've known Dr. Cass Ingram for 6 or 7 years, my first show was about Oil Of Oregano P73, a wild oregano that grows in the Mediterranean.  Because the conditions are just right it is the only place in the world where this incredibly healing product can be found.  After our first interview Dr. Ingram sent me a bottle and it sat in my medicine cabinet for about a year until one night my wife complained about shooting pain in her head.  I rubbed some on the side of her face and the virus was killed.  Poof!  Like magic.  Then when I'd start to  get a  cold it always would stop it dead in its tracks.  Oil of Oregano is the most powerful natural antiseptic that I know of.  It kills viruses without harming your body or the healthy bacteria your body needs.  Antibiotics kill those bacteria and that's why over time they are useless.  


Not long ago Dr. Cass got a tick bite that led to Lyme Disease.  He used Oil of Oregano to heal himself.  In this interview we talk about his journey to healing and many other things including vaccinations and the diseases that have sprung out from them.  I'm  not against vaccinations but I think there is definitely a connection between them and autism, adhd, cancer and other diseases.  When I was a child Lyme Disease didn't  exist, why has it become so prevalent?  Other diseases seem to be at epidemic levels, why is that?  Dr Ingram has some answers and while I admire that he is entertaining and has a good sense of humor I feel he has more knowledge than most and knows what he's talking about.  I trust what he says to be accurate because I've witnessed first hand how Oil Of Oregano P73 can be useful in dealing with many virus related issues.  

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