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Dr. Cass Ingram has been on my show more than once, the first time we talked about Oil Of Oreganol P73.  I thought, "Well, maybe this stuff works, I don't know for sure."  So Dr. Ingram sent me some and it sat in our cabinet for at least a year.  Then my wife was complaining of shooting pains near her ear and the only thing I could think of using was the Oil Of Oreganol, we don't have many medications in our medicine cabinet.  It was amazing.  Her pain went away for about two weeks.  When it returned we rubbed a little more on the side of her face, this time it went away for good.  I rarely get colds but when I do I rub a little Oil Of Oreganol on the inside of my nostrils (I wouldn't recommend it, it burns) and more than once my nose sniffles stopped and I had no cold whatsoever the next day.  Pretty remarkable when you think a cold can last for several days, mine was gone in half a day.  So I know that Dr. Ingram is speaking the truth with the products he represents.



This show touches on another product Dr. Ingram is recommending, Hemp Oil or Hemponal.  He goes on to explain how it works with your body and is all natural.  I've heard from others who have healed themselves from cancer using cannabis oil, well according to Dr. Ingram this product is made from natural hemp, not marijuana, but hemp which was a product that was used by our founding fathers for many things until it was destroyed by Hollywood in the movie Reefer Madness.  There were those in competition with hemp wanted to make it appear to be a drug, when in actuality it is superior to rope, paper, and in certain forms can be very beneficial in healing. 

Are you dangerously cannabinoid deficient? Dr. Ingram includes a simple Cannabinoid deficiency self-test on page 89 of his book, The Cannabis Cure. Some of the symptoms which indicate you need to build up your cannabinoid levels are:

  • can't sleep
  • suffering from epilepsy for many years 
  • anxiety or depression
  • taking mood-controlling medications
  • obsessive-compulsive syndrome
  • gets too emotional, fits of rage and/or anger
  • seizures or seizure syndrome
  • tremors
  • schizophrenia
  • rarely eat dark leafy greens
  • alcohol addiction
  • suicidal thoughts

Use this is you wish, I am not guaranteeing anything but I do respect and trust Dr. Ingram.  We are so conditioned to think that drugs are the only answer but we are so misled.




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