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169_Fife_Jul16_0559PM.jpgFife Symington was governor of Arizona during the Phoenix Lights incident in 1997.  At the time the networks claimed it was flares or some other unbelievable excuse.  At the time Governor Symington made a joke and had one of his staff members dress up as an alien.  10 years later the former governor was singing a different tune, have you heard part of that interview?  Symington is probably one of the highest ranking U.S. political figures to come forward and claim he saw a ufo.

Canada's former Minister Of Defence, Paul Hellyer, was speaking at the 2005 exopolitics event and made quite a few shocking allegations regarding aliens, government knowledge of aliens, and hidden agendas.  I don't know where he gets his information from, or how he knows what he claims to know but one would think that the former Minister Of Defence would not make false acusatory statements.  Have you heard the audio, it is an eye opener?

buzz-aldrin.jpgI'm sure I heard this before from Buzz Aldrin but it's good to hear this again, Mr. Aldrin claims in some interview that there was a craft that was following Apollo 11.  In this brief interview you will hear the astronaut speculate and what the crew decided to do. 

I think more and more is coming out about  ufos and Ialso think we  should not believe everything we hear.  My experience in media has taught me that the truth is often manipulated for one reason or another.  So this week I thought it would be fun to present some audio from what I would consider 3 very reliable sources.  Plus I retell my own close encounter.