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Are a series of events merely coincidences? Yesterday I tried to publish a show and I ran into some difficulties at the radio station. First the internet was down and then we noticed the computers were "burping", or skipping for our radio stations. The speculation is that it was a virus. Finally when I went to edit a show our editing software program was locking up. Strange, it never happened before. I have no idea if the problem was corrected since I'm off for a few days. In this case I do just think it's a coincidence since it affected everyone I work with. However what happened a couple of weeks ago seems to be more than just a coincidence...

It was a Saturday. A friend called on another line notifying us that our main landline was not working property. I called the phone company and they would send a repairman on Tuesday. Sunday morning comes and the phone is working fine, it seemed to correct itself. Now I knew the problem was on their end since I went to the box outside the previous day and tested it for myself. So on that same Sunday morning I get a call from a repairman who's in the area and is going to stop by. Great! Now, if the phone line hadn't been malfunctioning, and if the repairman hadn't showed up exactly when he did, the following wouldn't have occurred.

The repairman arrived around 10:30am. I went outside to chat with him. It was a brisk morning, the temperature was roughly 50 degrees. Not a bad fall day for this time of year in upper Michigan. As I greeted the repairman he was accompanied by two labs, a brown and black one. I thought they were his, he thought they were mine. Someone's dogs must have gotten loose, that happens from time to time. Then I heard a higher pitched noise, it almost sounded like a bird. What is that? The repairman pointed to my second garage, at the front of the driveway, it was a kitten. He just kept meowing. Finally he joined the party on the deck with the labs. Somehow I thought he came with the dogs, yet how could he? I live about 100 yards from a highway and there aren't any neighbors real close by. I could see the dogs wandering a distance, but not a kitten, he had to be dumped by someone. So I debated what to do, should I just go back in the house and let the animals find their way home? Where I live there are coyotes, foxes, an ocassional wolf and even bears and a very busy highway not far away. So to just leave these animals to fend for themselves wouldn't be the smart choice. On the other hand I don't see it as my responsibility to save the world, but this was different these animals were drawn to me, in fact they wouldn't leave. I called my nearest neighbor, Julia, she in turn called others. I've lived here 10 years and I really don't know too many in the area, everyone kind of keeps to themselves but they are always friendly and helpful. In the meantime "something" told me to go for a walk down my dead end road. So I listened. What was amazing was how the animals followed, even the kitten! Finally after stopping by 3 houses, and walking a couple of miles, the little fella let me pick him up and I put him in my coat to keep him warm. He was probably tired and cold from trying to keep up with me and the dogs. Why did he follow along like a dog? It was almost as if he was saying "Help me, help me find a home." Which I did. At the last house I stopped at the owners, Mike and his son Brent, said they would keep the dogs in their pen until we found the owners. They also agreed to hang onto the kitten until we heard if there was an owner. So I walked back home and then jumped in the car and drove around to different homes within the area. No luck, I couldn't find the owners of the dogs or the kitten. Later that afternoon Brent called and said they found the dogs owners which lived a couple miles down the highway. They also decided to keep the kitten, he was such a cute little bugger. I know he would have perished if he didn't find a home. Now I could have waited until Monday and brought him to the shelter but that could be a death sentence as well. In the end, it worked out the way the universe intented it to, or at least it appears that way to me. To me, many lessons can be taken from this event. One, trust the process. Two, listen within. Three, take time for others, even a kitten and two dogs. Four, don't be afraid connect with others. Perhaps there are more?

Next week a new show.