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I met Mike Labre a few years ago, thanks to a mutual friend; Georgie Holbrook.  I would visit withcell_s_rainbows_of_harmony_001_0001_3hgd.jpg Mike from time to time and one time he brought me over to his house to meet his dad.  What I saw was a little bit shocking, his father was emaciated and frail.  His dad had been suffering from Alzheimers and even though Mike had severe challenges of his own he was determined to let his father have his final wish; to die at home.  I never saw his dad alive again after that but I saw a video that Mike made, it showed a man who had made an incredible recovery in just a short time.  This is an incurable disease, right?  You don't get better from this, right?  And the body certainly doesn't make amazing recoveries at the age of 88, right?  How did Mike turn his dad's health around?  He searched and found some answers.  Herein lies the story of a son who would not give up, even though it was difficult for him to communicate with others because of his own challenges.  He took some chances and he learned as much as he could.  This is a story about courage, hope, inspiration and mostly about love.  I hope you enjoy it, it's true!

Sorry if you were looking for ghoulish monsters or aliens or whatever.  I will be doing more of that shortly.  Sometimes the universe just lines things up for me and I go with it.  If you would like to contact Mike his email address is:  islandsky2@sbcglobal.net

He has a website but will soon be getting a new one.  When I get that information I will post that.  Soon Mike hopes to finish his documentary too!

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