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This week's show is Angelic Encounters with Reverend Debby, myself and special friend Sandy Anderson.  Sandy shares her story about surviving cancer for 50 years.  She first got sick when she was 9 years old in 1962.  Sandy felt she was going to die and one night had a visit from an angelic being that told her she had a choice.  "You can live if you choose."  We get to choose life?  We actually have an option?  Nothing, even horrible disease, is by accident?  Sandy also believes if you do get sick the best thing you can do is talk to survivors, don't listen to the naysayers if you "choose" to live.  Why do these things happen?  One might say so that we can teach and learn, and just experience all of life and get past fear.

As of today, 11-13-13 Reverend Debby informed me she has to go to the hospital for a procedure, my love and light go with her.



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