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In Brazil there is a man called João de Deus, known to many as John Of God, he is a psychic healer, many have gone to him and have been healed.  Cher Slater-Barlevi went to see him when all became lost regarding her injuries in a car accident.  She too was miraculously healed, and she had some help from a little dog named Xico.  Cher was so overwhelmed by her experience she vowed to write a book and was told by John Of God to write it from Xico's viewpoint.  So while some of it is fiction, Cher mixes many facts with her novel, stories of those who were healed miraculously.  Some of you will shake your head and say it isn't possible and I always think "How do I know if I've never been there?"  This show isn't just about Cher's book, it is about her amazing insight. Cher has many skills and being an author is just one of them.






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