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Eye20of20God.jpgFirst,  I would like to wish Roslyn McGrath's father a speedy recovery and send him my love.  His name is Stuart if you wish to do so to.  Next, I would like to let you know that this show was recorded back in August so some of what we talk about is dated.  I can only guess what you may think and how you may look at things and there was a time when I looked at many things like most of the population does.  Now, I just keep looking and listening, and asking questions.  I want to know the answers to all things, I want to know who God is, or as some say- The Source, or All That Is.  My own unusual and paranormal experiences tell me that there is more.  At one time God was this gentle being that comforted me when I was 4 years old and praying to him.  Over time it became this unidentifyable Source, that we are all connected to and a part of.  It became a being of unconditional love.  Now after this interview, I may have a slightly different take on what I think The Source is, and that too will probably continue to evolve.

Again, this is not done to challenge or convert anyone's beliefs.  It is merely done out of my own curiousity.  I see you, the listener, as someone who probably has some interests in paranormal/metaphysical and some of what I speak about may peak your interest, and some may not.  The purpose of this show was originally to share experiences, which I still do.  I also felt a need to get these stories out because we were going to be coming into a time when the unknown, or paranormal was going to reveal itself to many of us and it could be confusing.   Is that happening now?  It appears on the increase, many friends, co workers, and family have had strange occurances in the last year or so.  People that maybe never had much in the way of paranormal experiences are now having ghost or other paranormal activity.  So is it increasing?  The 2012er's (don't know what else to call them) have said this all along.  I don't know what to believe when it comes to what many of them have to say, but they appear to be accurate as far as the veil lifting, and as the veil lifts some say "the invisible becomes visible."  Then what happens?  Well if we're not open and grounded perhaps there may be some chaos. 

It took me a while to believe that channeling could be a viable way to communicate with other energies.  There are still those that I doubt.  However I feel good talking with Roslyn McGrath, she has always been consistant and filled with good energy.  Her message is almost always similar, a message of love.  However, this time we did get the energies to talk about a mystery that one of my other guests has mentioned:  The Dogman/Manwolf.  Is it real?  Does it cross from one dimension to another?  And, is there a God, or Source?  And what is it?  That and much more this week as we try to find some answers with Roslyn McGrath.   

Roslyn's site:  www.intuitivelearningcreations.com

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