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thCA4OMYGA.jpgI can't say that I thought mermaids actually existed before this interview.  A friend brought it to my attention about a show on Discovery, or one of those channels, about mermaids.  I caught part of it recently and what I saw was some research involving an underwater recording that couldn't be explained.  The scientist said it was similar to a dolphin language but much more advanced, it was every bit as sophisticated as humans.  A couple weeks ago I got an email from Roslyn McGrath and we discussed what topics might be fun to channel.  So this week, via Roslyn's amazing abilities, we speak to Dolphin energies, Whale energies and the Mermaids.  The Dolphins don't surprise me, they sure seem playful, they suggest we should be more like them in that regard.  The Whales, well they seem to be pretty relaxed and gentle.  Then we have the Mermaids, which I wasn't even sure they existed.  Well, if you trust Roslyn's abilities then you will find out otherwise.  Is it all love peace and bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip?  Not exactly.  The Mermaids don't appear to be big fans of mankind, they love our essence, just not some of our actions.  Can't say I blame them.  Do they all look like Daryl Hannah?  Not quite.  See for yourself.  See if this opens your mind to the possibility of these beings existing.  Don't all myths come from somewhere?  None of this is by accident.  It is my feeling that these beings wanted to be heard, probablynot seen, but they do have a message.

Thanks to Roslyn and her gentle approach, always such a blessing to talk to her!


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