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I've often heard the term "Christ Consciousness."  What does it mean?  Is it in reference to Jesus?  Some say he's the son of God, others say he is a divine Master who came to wake us up.  Some believe that he never performed miracles.  How can there be so many different understandings?  This show is not about creating division, believe as you wish and I will do the same.  This show is about seeking alternative truths, and maybe it's just somethng that rings true to me, I feel it is just something I know.  Disclaimer:  I could be wrong! 


This is a rebroadcast of a show I did with Roslyn McGrath where we channeled the Christ Consciousness.  I believe we originally did this interview in 2011 before the big shift and as I listened to it I realize how accurate it is and applies to what is happening today.  Thanks to Roslyn and her gifts.

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