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I think I'm becoming one of them, one of those people I observed when I was younger.  "Those people" stopped caring about Christmas, at least the gift giving and decorating side of it.  Maybe we just don't see the purpose of it.  Maybe I'm turning into Scrooge?  I still enjoy watching the young kids open their gifts, I just don't really care if I get any.  I still enjoy the love that seems to be present.  But this year I really started thinking about Jesus and the term "Christ Consciousness."  To me, that's more of what Christmas has become.  So I found a show in my archives that I did with Roslyn McGrath back in 2011 talking about this subject.  It was a first for both of us, she had never channeled the Christ Consciousness and I had never spoken to that energy, at least consciously. 


I first heard the term Christ Consciousness back in the 1980's and was curious ever since.  Much of what Roslyn shared still applies today.  This is an edited show, not much taken out, you can still search for the original one on my site if you want.  Thanks to Roslyn for being a part of this.


As is always my goal, none of this is meant to challenge anyone's beliefs or divide and create separation. 

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