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My father in law Bob just got done with 7 weeks of chemo and radition at one of the top facilities in the nation.  You'd think his care was incredible, and while I really liked the nurses and doctors at this facility it was very confusing.  It didn't seem to be as organized as one would think.  One doctor would say one thing, another would say something else.  Overall I was impressed that they really seemed to care, but I'd say all of us were not impressed by the confusion.  I don't blame them, they probably are overwhelmed.  My father died of cancer in 1984, they tried chemo and radiation on him, he suffered with great pain and in the end was on morphine all the time.  Fast forward 30 years and some things haven't changed, or have they?  What I've learned in that time is that you may have other options, their may be some natural products that can really help, if not heal, cancer.  Yes, heal.  I've seen it with my own eyes and heard it from a few that I know.  So if this is true, why do we not hear about this?  Good question.  America is a capitolist nation, do you think capitolist's like competition?  My experience is that they don't, it cuts into their profit.  So this week I'm just going to run down some of the different natural alternative options I've heard about over the years.  I don't believe we are helpless and yet we feel that way when we are battling disease. 

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