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I can only guess that some of you feel the way my guest does, that you don't fit in, and that you never fitted in.  Maybe you feel like you're not even from here?  I've used to think that way, I thought maybe my home was somewhere in the stars.  But my guest doesn't even feel that his home is in the stars, it's in another dimension.  Many psychics and channels have told me there are "Starseeds" who are incarnating at this time to assist in the changes that are underway.  It is said that these are beings that lived on other planets and made the decision to appear for the first time in a human body, and they certainly don't feel at home.  Imagine that?  If we do reincarnate, do we always do it on the same world?  Do some of us come from the stars?  Maybe even other dimensions? 


Byron Lacy spoke with me a couple years ago about being an abductee, he has many memories of being taken and other remarkable things that have happened to him.  When we spoke the last time I felt there was more, turns out there was and even though Byron has no problem talking about being abducted, he has never come out to claim that he is a being from another dimension.  I find that with every bit of truth we reveal, it often can be difficult to take the next step.  Many  of my guests have told me things off the record that they just didn't want to share at the time.  I am so honored to have Byron come on and share his stories, they are simply amazing.  These beings have saved his life many times.  These beings are from the light and Byron was shown his home and didn't want to leave.  Byron was also taken by the Grays, and we talk a little about that as well.  This is a fascinating show and while his experiences are so different than mine, we find common ground and feel that this is part of a greater purpose.


Also, Byron is quite an artist and composer, the opening that I use on my show was composed by Byron, it's called "A Robot Of My Own."  I like it, thank you Byron for letting me use it.



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