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danannimated.jpgI'd like to introduce you to my brother from a previous time.  I don't know when it was, it just was.  Now if you saw my brother in a dark alley perhaps he would frighten you, he is a big man.  At one time he maybe wasn't always a pleasant man.  Earlier in life he was controlled by the bottle.  Maybe his ego was too much in control as well.  He's not like that now, I assure you.  He is a gentle giant with a great sense of humility and humor.  He has some strange stories to tell.  I have heard them many times, they are funny, interesting and I believe true.  See for yourself.   His name is Dan Dunlop, and we have known each other for quite some time.  Right away there was a connection.

Dan talks about seeing a gorilla when he was a kid and trying to convince his family of what he saw.  Dan is very animated when he tells a story.  Below is a picture of Dan describing a ghost story from his past. 


He is very honest, he talks about time in jail and his battle with alcohol.  He just speaks plainly, I like that!

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