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Psychic/Medium Brenda Meadows reads for 3 women, 1 of which she knows a little, the other 2 she has never met.  I'd say that's putting your neck on the line.  Brenda always wants to deliver the best reading possible and get confirmation, that may not always be the case when you do readings.  But, she nailed it again.


Even psychics don't always trust what they're told, it just doesn't seem to make sense at times.  In the end they just have to release what they've seen or heard, often it is proven accurate, sometimes it doesn't make sense.  I've seen where it's been a couple of years before it made sense to the person getting the reading.  It's not an exact science but I admire Brenda for being willing to do a show like this.  I've worked with her long enough to know she is the real deal and she truly cares about others.


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