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What happened to Out There, has it been replaced this week?  Aren't you doing a show about sasquatch or ufo's?  It seems like I go on a roll and do several shows about one topic or another, I guess it just depends on what the universe sends me.


A couple of months ago I contacted Rosa Gardiner regarding work I had to do for my other job, the radio station.  Rosa's group had received a grant and my job was to interview her for a client and produce a commercial.  I like talking to people, I like to hear what they have to say, I care about others.  Why am I so curious?  I know it's part of my purpose for being here.  There was a point where I was close to walking away from radio when "The Universe" lined things up for me after I had given up all hope.  At the time I didn't realize it, but now I know this is part of my journey, it would allow me to meet people like Rosa and if I'd just take the time to listen and ask questions I could learn a lot.  And I did.  I didn't know how breastfeeding was so beneficial to both mother and child in their overall health.  There is research that shows many illnesses may not occur if a child is breastfed.  It just makes sense because it is natural, and as I've discovered with many guests on my show, natural always seems to be better. 


Today's mothers are so busy maybe they don't feel they have time.  Rosa is here to help if you make the choice to breast feed.  She is very qualified and also draws on her own experience.  Many have been conditioned to think that formula is the best way to go, research suggests that the natural way is the best.  Not everyone may feel that way, we understand, no one should feel pressured.  Below are a couple of sites you can use to contact her.


Rosa Gardiner Lactation Consultant:




B.E.S.T Breastfeeding Support Group- Chippewa County Breastfeeding Education and Support Team:




This is just my own opinion, I believe that if there's money to be made then there are those who are willing to push aside what's best for our health and try to convince us otherwise.  Right now we seem to have an epidemic of illnesses, and there are probably many factors but maybe one reason is that as a nation we stopped breastfeeding our children.  That's why I did this show because in my mind it lines up with many topics that are hidden or forgotten.  Rosa was a joy to talk to, a very pleasant soul.

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