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I've been meaning to try some Omega 3's, yesterday the universe lined up so that I would see that.  I went to my chiropracter and saw he was selling Omega 3 Gummies from a company called Nordic Naturals.  Now, I've had at least 2 different people on my show promoting the company.  So it just hit me to purchase the product from someone I trusted, isn't that how it works?  I've been meaning to do this for a while but you know how that goes.  It's not like I didn't trust Stuart Tomc, or Dr. Shunney, it's just easier to accept from someone you know.  I never would have had them on the show if I didn't think they were legit.  This week's show is about many things, including natural health and how I wonder if it can improve psychic ability. 

Don't get me started, but something did this week.  So I do a bit of a speil on the whole enchilada and why things are the way they are.  The bigger picture, from my smaller viewpoint.   I talk about the Archangel Metatron, who speaks through James Tyberonn.  Are you familiar with him?  I find it similar to Ramtha.  Lately I've been hearing concerns about what's going on in the Ukraine and the Middle East.  My response is always "How do you know you're getting the truth?"  They want us to be all worked up and choose sides, and yet there are other events in the world that seem to be ignored.  And the good is almost never reported.  Whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest.  A balanced mind will see it for what it is, which brings me full circle right back to the Omega 3's. 

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