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linda-Godfrey.jpgI haven't talked to Linda Godfrey in a while, I was looking at her sight recently and a couple of things caught my eye.  Linda Has become known as one of the foremost investigators of what is called the "dogman" or the "manwolf".  A creature that has been spotted  by many that looks like a german sheppard, or a wolf, and gets up on it's back legs and runs away.  When I first heard of these things years ago I thought it was a joke, after getting to know Linda I realize that rational people are seeing something that can't be easily explained. 

On this show we talk a little about the dogman/manwolf, but also the goatman, Missing 411, ufo's, sasquatch and more.  Linda has a creepy new book coming out called Monsters Among Us.  Linda and I share some experiences and stories we have heard. 

Ready to be freaked out?


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